James Goecke worked in the construction field for 18 years, during which time he completed a carpentry apprenticeship sponsored by the Associated Builders & Contractors of Dayton, Ohio.  He then worked for a tile company where he learned to install tile, enjoying the challenge of creating designs and working with different materials like ceramics, tile, marble, stone, slate and granite.  Having “never been afraid of hard work,” his goal was his own business in construction and tile installation.

In 1999 his goal was realized when he founded the GOE-TILE CO., registered in the State of Ohio.  To date, the business has never been slow and there has never been a need to advertise.  He performs approximately 25 jobs a year (excluding repair work) and there is always a customer waiting list.  He takes his own calls – quotes his own work – and does all of the work himself.

Over the past 8 years, Mr. Goecke has completed work for businesses, hospitals, churches, restaurants, schools, fire departments, estates and homes.  He has completed local projects as well as jobs as far as Colorado.  He considers himself fortunate to work every day at a job he loves – and, he adds, he would love to do a job for you.